Consulting Services

Organizations are under increasing pressure to provide better results with less, to be more agile and to respond more quickly to changing environments.

Since 1999 Pleiad Canada has enabled clients to achieve these objectives on-time and on-budget.

Leadership Development

Coaching and mentoring can play an important role in helping a department or organization achieve success. Both activities provide objective guidance and build confidence, leading to greater focus, satisfaction and improved performance.

Pleiad Canada’s services and roles in this area include: Group Facilitator, Business Architect, Communication and Information Services, Project Executive, Leadership Development Services, Special Advisor, Staff and Labour Relations, Succession Planning, and Training and Development Specialist.

Organizational Management

Understanding an organization’s current structure is a critical part of designing a new vision and structure. Often, this is most successfully accomplished by professionals who approach the organization as neutral and objective observers.

Pleiad Canada’s services and consultant roles in this area include: Business Architect, Business Process Transformation, Business Process Reengineering, Change Management, Group Facilitator, Knowledge Management Consultant, Organizational Design Consultant, Organizational Assessment Consultant, Scenario Planning Consultant, and Virtual Workplace Consultant.

Communication Services

Our seasoned Strategic Communication Services and Marketing consultants have many years of experience defining, developing and delivering the right messages to help organizations reach their objectives.

Consulting services offered by Pleiad Canada have included developing the planning and implementation of strategic communication plans, defining project scopes, and developing and executing plans and strategies.

Pleiad Canada can assist in the following roles and areas of expertise: Communication and Information Services, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Marketing, Needs Analysis Services, Research Services, Technical Writer, and Writer/Editor.

Business Transformation

Working in partnership with our clients, we match the superior skills of our business transformation consultants with our client’s unique needs whether it be to document business design methodologies, tools and best practices; to develop a series of references models; or to develop overall conceptual business design for common understanding of the stakeholders, services and expected outcomes.

Consulting services and roles offered by Pleiad Canada in this area include: Business Process Reengineering, Change Management, Enterprise Architect, Group Facilitator, Business Analyst, Business Architect, and Business Process Transformation.

Strategic Planning

Planning provides a vital framework for all projects. Our consultants address such issues as strategies, tactics, controls and risk assessment, and provide the appropriate solutions.

Pleiad Canada can provide qualified consultants to assist our clients’ needs with the following roles: Group Facilitator, Business Architect, Communication and Information Services, Project Executive, and Special Advisor.

Executive and Strategic Advising

Pleiad Canada’s Strategic Advisors and Project Executives work closely with senior decision-makers to formulate┬ástrategic and corporate priorities and objectives, and provide advice on program-related issues, trends and strategic directions.

Roles performed by Pleiad Canada consultants include: Strategic Advisor, Project Executive, Project Manager, Special Advisor, Risk Management Specialist, and Strategist.

Human Resource Management

Human resources solutions identify a client’s needs in terms of human capital. This allows for more precise planning towards achievement of an organization’s goals.

Pleiad Canada’s services and consultant roles in this area include: Benefits Consultant, Classification, Compensation, Courseware Developer, Disability and Equity Advisor, Employment Manager, Employment Interviewer, Employment Equity, HR General Services, HR Assistant, HR Information System Specialist, HR Policy Specialist, Instructor, Leadership Development Services, Staff and Labour Relations, Staffing, Succession Planning, Team Building Facilitator, Training and Development Specialist, and Work Description Writer.

Project Management

Pleiad Canada’s Project Management consultants plan and coordinate project activities including budgeting, resourcing, contracting, scheduling, risk management and progress reporting.

Pleiad Canada can assist in the following areas and roles of project management: Special Advisor, Project Leader, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Scheduler, Risk Management Specialist, Financial Analyst, and Procurement Specialist.

We pride ourselves on being able to customize a strategy that meets client organizational culture, goals and structure every time.

Because of this, we stand out in a crowded field of management consulting firms.

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